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Table Massage Services

All of my services are designed to provide complete relaxation and deep, therapeutic work. You can come to my place or I can go to yours. Either way I provide clean sheets, cream, and a table. Massage sessions are minimum one hour, because any less will leave us both wanting more!

In-calls: at Roots for Wellness Center in Sierra Madre (free parking)!

Out-calls: $20 for travel and equipment-toting


CANCELATION POLICY: Cancelations for scheduled appointments must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of a session, or the full price of the session will be charged.


Massage Modalities


Deep Tissue Massage--$80/60min, $120/90min

For chronic tension and pain, for repetitive stress injury pain, for that ache or pain you woke up with that just won’t go away. I have a thorough understanding of why pain hurts where it hurts and the anatomy behind it. Low-back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain--wherever you have it, I can help you find the cause in your body and help you find what caused or continues to cause it in your life. Plus, not only will you get relief from our session, but I can also show you how you can help yourself at home to keep it gone.

The deep tissue method I use is not the kind of pound-and-grind deep tissue massage you may have experienced at the mall or in a spa that leaves you bruised and feeling questionably worse than before you started. Instead of pushing my way in—because who wants to be pushed—I sink into your tissues slowly, like you would sink your toes into sand on the beach, allowing your body to decide how much and how fast we go. This allows you to relax into the work and let go of the tension and pain, instead of tensing up against it. You may feel sore after our session, like you've worked out at the gym, but you will NOT be bruised. My style of deep tissue includes elements from a number of modalities, including Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Activation, and Thai.


Swedish Massage--$65/60min, $95/90min

A thoroughly relaxing massage for improving circulation, moving lymph, and relieving tension. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep on the table! A great massage for when you have poor circulation, adrenaline fatigue, or after you’ve been ill, to flush out the tissues and get your fluids moving again. Also ideal for when you are sore after a good workout, to rehydrate your muscles and keep them warm and flexible.



Energy Modalities


Craniosacral Therapy: $60/60min

Craniosacral therapy works with the fluid that pumps through the spinal cord and in the brain, and with the skull bones that make up this pump. This pump is one of the essential rhythms of the body, like the heartbeat and the breath, and the fluid cleanses the central nervous system. All parts of the body are connected to the central nervous system through the branches of nerves, and because of this, Craniosacral therapy can affect healing and change in all parts of the body by working with the movements of this fluid and the bones that pump it. This modality is about half-physical, half-energetic, and involves mostly light holds and minute movements. It is very gentle and relaxing, and often puts receivers to sleep. Craniosacral can be very effective for pain that is too sensitive to touch to be directly manipulated, for TMJ, headaches, dizziness, low-back pain, difficulty breathing, and hormonal imbalances.


Energetic Integration: $60/session

This is a modality of my own invention, similar to Somato-emotional Release. It's for energetic clearing of stagnancies, old wounds, traumas--parts of you that are no longer in communication or sync with the whole. I use crystals, space-holding, dialoguing, and angels to help reconnect you to these estranged parts of yourself. This work can help with unexplained pain, emotional/mental blocks, feeling disconnected from your body or your life, feeling like your body/self is trying to tell you something, or things that are holding you back. These sessions generally last about an hour, coming to their own natural conclusion.


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