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Do I have to take my clothes off?

We encourage you to undress to your own comfort level. If your comfort level is fully-clothed, that’s okay! However, keep in mind that the more clothes you leave on, the more you limit our ability to work. Bodywork is most effective when skin-on-skin, so please give us as much skin to work with as you can.


Is it okay to take all my clothes off?

Of course! Most massage veterans get their body work in the buff. It allows the therapist the most freedom to work. We do require that you to keep the topsheet on, and allow us to properly drape you, however.


Should I tip/how much?

Yes, please tip your therapist! Just like your server at a restaurant, tips make up a significant portion of a therapist’s income. It’s also a great way to show your therapist how much you appreciate their work. Any tip is better than no tip, but a good guideline is about 20% of the full price of the session. So for those using Groupon, please adjust before you calculate!


Is massage safe for me? Do I need a doctor’s note?

For some health conditions, your therapist will need to make sure that it is medically safe to have receive a massage. If in the past 3 weeks you’ve been in a car accident, had a surgery, or been injured, please ask your doctor when you are cleared to receive bodywork. If you have a history of stroke or heart attack, or are on blood-thinners (anti-coagulants), please bring a note from your doctor stating that it is safe for you to receive massage. If you have had any recent injections (botox, cortisone), please ask your physician when the affected area is safe for massage. If you are pregnant, you only need a doctor’s note if you are having complications with your pregnancy.


How do I prepare for my session?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off. Having to put on uncomfortable or restrictive clothing after a session can be a relaxation buzz-kill. Bring water and a snack with you, as most people are hungry and thirsty after a session. We do have water in the office, but you’ll want to rehydrate on the way home as well. Please silence your cell phones when you get to the office, for your own comfort as much as your therapist’s, as your phone’s noises can jolt you out of a relaxed state. You might also want to leave jewelry and contacts at home, since you’ll be removing any jewelry for your session, and contacts can get dry and uncomfortable during a session. If you wear dentures, you might want to bring a case to leave them in during your session, as they can become uncomfortable in the face-cradle. Please take care of your personal hygiene and come reasonably clean. (Ladies, don’t worry if you didn’t get to shave your legs beforehand—your therapist doesn’t mind.)

If you have had an accident, injury, or surgery within 3 days prior to your session, please call us to reschedule! We cannot work on you for three days (the acute stage) for risk of making any injuries worse.


What should I expect during the session?

Your therapist will uncover one section of the body at a time to work on it, and then re-cover it with the sheet before moving on to the next section. Please communicate with your therapist if you become uncomfortable at any time during the session—if you’re too hot or too cold, the music is too loud, if the face-cradle becomes uncomfortable, or if you’d like more or less pressure. Bodywork should never be painful—that is, feeling like you’re being bruised or damaged. You may experience sensations that become intense, or that you might describe as “good pain” or “hurts so good” (we call this “therapeutic pain”) but it should always be at a level that you can breathe and relax into. If you find yourself bracing or holding your breath, please tell your therapist. Contrary to popular belief, there is no gain in pain in bodywork. Our goal is to help you heal, not to damage you further.

Our style of bodywork is often deeply relaxing, and you may find yourself falling asleep. Please feel free to drift off—we will gently wake you when your session is over. Massage also stimulates digestion, so you might find your stomach rumbling or your bladder full before the end of the session. Don’t worry if your stomach talks or you need to jump off the table to get to the bathroom during the session—we take that as a compliment.


What should I do after my session?

You’ll get the most out of the work you receive if you take some time off after your session—the rest of the day if you can manage it. If not, even a few hours of time to relax will help the work last longer. Make sure to rehydrate, as your body will be using more water to flush out any metabolic wastes that have been released. You may be hungry or need to use the bathroom more frequently after massage. You may want to take a nap, or go to bed early. Drinking something with electrolytes, like fruit juice, will also help if you start to feel lethargic or headachy after your session. All these sensations and effects are normal after a massage, just like after a good workout.


Can I extend my session?

That depends on how full the day’s schedule is. If there is a client booked behind you, unfortunately your therapist will have to decline a session extension. However, if there is an open spot behind you, your therapist will happily grant you an extension, so don’t be shy about asking!


Can I have a happy ending?

Our therapists do not offer happy beginnings, middles, or endings, nor sexual services of any kind. Any attempt to solicit sexual services from a therapist will result in the termination of your session with no refund offered.

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