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Cynthia Ameson first discovered her knack for giving a good rub at summer camp, where she found her fellow campers vying for a spot under her hands during the morning back-rub routine. For as long as she can remember, she has been fascinated by how touch—listening, responsive, nurturing touch—can relieve pain, both physical and emotional. Growing up with a mother in constant unexplained pain from fibromyalgia, and she herself developing chronic, debilitating low back pain at the age of 16, she quickly found the limits on standard allopathic care and started exploring alternative healing practices in an effort to stop feeling victimized by her own pain and to re-empower herself in her health and in her life.

All around her she found others with the same story:

I hurt, but I don’t know why; I want to stop hurting, but I don’t know how.

In her explorations seeking the solutions to these problems, she found touch to be most effective in relieving her pain, so in 2011 she enrolled in Hands on Healing Institute’s Massage Therapy program.

Some 800+ hours of education in massage and bodywork later, plus another 300+ hours of auditing classes as a teaching assistant, Cynthia now teaches Deep Tissue massage as well as anatomy and kinesiology at Hands on Healing, in addition to her own practice. She is a California State Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. In her work she couples right-brain intuition with left-brain knowledge-based reasoning, the one informing the other for comprehensive and effective treatment. She is an integrative therapist, versed in a wide variety of modalities, both physical and energetic, from which she has found a common element: any modality is effective when practiced with therapeutic intent, and both practitioner and receiver are open to allowing it to affect change. This is true for one simple reason:

Your body is constantly trying to heal you.

Similarly, your mind and your spirit are constantly trying to bring you what you want. When we’re in pain, this can be hard to see, but pain is just trying to tell you where something needs to change. Cynthia has found her passion in helping you discover how good you can feel in your body and in your life. The more you know about you and your body, the more you can learn how to work with your body instead of against it.

Cynthia lives in Alhambra, Los Angeles with her wife, baby daughter, two rescue cats, and several spry old betta fish. She and her wife teach and practice metaphysics, channeling, Reiki, Law of Attraction and the art of abundance, and run the LA Channeling and OC Channeling Meetup groups.


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