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I believe that you can feel better.

Do you live with persistent or reoccurring aches and pains? Do you wish you had greater flexibility or range of motion? Do you have an old injury that “flares up” every so often? Do you have unexplained pain?

I can help you.

I have had a long and sordid affair with chronic pain and tension, both my own and in my friends and family. As a result, I have a deep desire to help others with their pain, to both facilitate their healing with my own hands and to help them learn how to help themselves. I am both a practitioner and instructor of bodywork and energy modalities, and I want to empower you to take back your life from pain. The worst feeling I’ve ever experienced is being in debilitating pain and feeling helpless to do anything about it. So I learned how to do something about it. And so can you. Feel better, lighter, freer.

Feel good in your body.


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